When to Hire an Industrial Spray Painter: Five Signs!

Industrial buildings, and more specifically their exteriors, will deteriorate and lose their shiny appearance more quickly than residential properties because of their location. It’s exposed to urban pollution, such as graffiti, as well as more natural elements like the climate is blamed for its beaten-down appearance.

It’s time for an expert paint job if your exterior walls are flaking, bubbling around the edges, or even have mildew growing on them. Painting your industrial building can inhibit some of the signs we’ll mention below in addition to giving your property a facelift.

  • 1. Evident mildew and mould

A quality paint job will shield your building from the elements on the exterior of both residential and commercial buildings. But over time, continued exposure will start to wear down the paint, and one of the most obvious signs is the growth and spread of mould and mildew as a result of too much moisture.

This is a particular issue for industrial properties and porous building structures that are located in damp or dark environments.

The unpleasant smells and blotchy smudges you may notice around the exterior of your building are caused by mildew and mould. If left unattended, they pose a serious health risk in addition to degrading the appearance of your property. In these circumstances, new paint will serve as moisture protection and protect your property.

  • Faded Painting

Another telltale sign that something needs fixing is fading paint. When inferior paint or subpar application techniques are used on exterior walls, fading typically happens more quickly. UV rays will work to dissolve the chemical bonds, hastening the fading process in formulas of lower quality.

The real cause of fading paint is exposure to the sun, so we advise using an equation that provides additional protection for exterior walls. Professional painters can help you choose the best paint for your structure, offering protection and a colour that will last longer while also making your building look brand new.

  • Paint That Is Blistering or Bubbles

Exterior paint that is bubbling or blistering frequently means that the paint is losing its adhesion to the substrate surface. Numerous factors, such as exposure to the sun, abrupt changes in the weather, contaminants trapped in the surface, or even a mixture of all three, can cause this loss of adhesion.

The blistering or bubbling is caused by trapped moisture under the exterior wall during humid weather and when it is exposed to UV rays directly. Similar effects will be produced by mould and mildew growing underneath the paint.

Your building’s surface will eventually crack and peel as a result of a subpar painting job where contaminants aren’t properly removed or the wrong paint is used. We advise hiring a skilled industrial painter to inspect the building so they can suggest the best remedy for your building in order to fix this bubbly texture.

  • Damage from pressure washing

It’s common practice to include pressure washing in routine exterior maintenance on buildings. It offers a quick, affordable way to maintain tidy, welcoming walls. However, regular pressure washing might end up harming your paint over time and doing more harm than good.

Water from industrial pressure washing may be able to penetrate insulation, wiring, and plaster behind walls. Once inside the wall, it is impossible for the water to evaporate without causing damage to the paint and surface.

In addition to indicating that it’s time to repaint, these damage indicators may suggest that you exercise more caution when pressure washing your exterior.

  1. Rebranding the commercial property

The first thing that customers see when they enter your business is the exterior of your building, so as time goes on you might find that you need to update both your branding and your location.

In contrast to our other signs, you might need to repaint your building to draw in customers or better represent your company’s image. Even if you rebrand your industrial space, you might discover that painting the exterior of your building can help shield it from some of the damage we’ve already mentioned.

Benefits Of Industrial Spray Painting!

Based on the circumstances, the industry-standard advises that you repaint your property every 3-5 years. The advantages of painting your commercial property include the following:

  • It guards against termites, vermin, and other pest harm.
  • Additionally, it prevents mould and mildew by keeping moisture out during humid conditions.
  • Painting your walls reduces the amount of upkeep necessary.
  • Prolongs the life of the tower’s siding and trim.

Repainting your business or commercial space will not only protect it, but it will also give it a new, polished appearance that will improve your company’s image. So exterior painting is a long-term investment that can increase the value of your retail property.

Contact Prestige Coating. They are Dulux certified Industrial painters in Sydney if your commercial building is currently experiencing any of the aforementioned problems because they can help to both protect and revitalise your property.

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