Tips on How to Choose Paint Colour for your Home

The exterior paint colour of your home contributes greatly to its style and curb appeal. Choosing the right paint colour can change your entire home and improve the value of it when you put it on the market. However, picking a new paint colour isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world. But, with the help of our five tips below, you should be able to choose the perfect new paint colour for Sydney painters to use on your home.

Use Paint Samples Rather Than Chips

One of the keys to successful painting jobs Sydney is figuring out what the colours will look like out of the can and on your home. It can be hard to decipher the colour your home is going to look like from a paint chip, so it’s often better to use samples instead. Depending on paint manufacturer you go with, you can buy samples in pints or quarts, ranging from five to ten dollars. However, you should roll it onto a white tagboard to test the colour out in different lights, to ensure it’s the right one to go with.

Paint Your House Virtually

Although some paint manufacturers may offer to paint your home virtually, you can do it yourself free of charge. One way to do this is to look up houses on Google with paint of the colour you choose, but there are also apps you can download to match the desired paint colour. However, keep in mind that the colour won’t be perfect since you’re only virtually getting a sample, your computer monitor, or smartphone screen can affect the colour of the paint slightly.

Start with Permanent Colours

You should consider choosing a colour based on the colours of the room in your house or colour the furniture in your home best represents. Your rugs, flooring, blinds, and upholstery can give you a big hand in choosing what colour to go with when painting the exterior of your home. However, exterior factors that can affect your paint choice include roof, gutters, and brickwork as well. When choosing a paint colour for your home, it’s important to consider all your variables.

Explore Neutrals

Although you may think of grey colours when talking about neutral, however, it usually refers to the wide range of hues and shades of colours. Sure, you can have an array of greys in your home, but you can also have neutral purples, blues, and greens too. When repainting your home, consider surrounding colours you may want to replicate or use to make the colour of your home stand out. For example, if you live in a wooded area, using darker neutral shades of green would look amazing on your home. However, if you want your home to blend in more with the sky, you should choose a neutral shade of blue. Although you can use whichever colour you prefer, it’s recommended to choose a colour that means something to you and fits with the surrounding area.

Think About Your Neighbours

The last thing you want to do is clash colours with your neighbours. As good as a Halloween-coloured house may seem, it’s important to take your neighbours’ consideration in mind. Choosing a house colour that clashes with theirs can lower their resale value and reduce your chance of remaining friends with them. Instead, stick to neutral colours that will help you fit in with the rest of the neighbourhood.

Although choosing the right new paint colour for your home can be a challenging process, we hope that we made it a little easier for you. Now, you can use our five helpful tips on the next painter jobs Sydney to choose a beautiful neutral colour that you can enjoy for years to

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