Things to Know About Sydney Interior Residential Painting

When it comes to interior painting, the finish, the colour, the finish, and the form of paint are all significant. That is why we are sharing our top indoor painting for Sydney tips. Knowledge is the power we believe so to ensure that you hire an effective house painting service, it is crucial to know what and how they will be operating correctly.

  1. Best Paint Finishes

There are different types of paint depending on if the area is in a high traffic area for example. If you have pets or young children, then you will want a paint that is easily wiped over. It is amazing where those sticky fingers and muddy paw prints can turn up. The type of finish you like too should also come into play. Not everyone likes or wants a gloss or matte finish. Everyone is different and your interior painting contractor should have this discussion with you when they come to quote for your project. They need to understand how you use your home and what you like and then make their recommendations based on this. They need to educate you on what is best for your project so that you are happy with the result and what you must live with.

  1. Paint Colours for Your Interior Walls

Choosing the right colour is also important. There are many things that come into play here when it comes to the style and colour of your:

  • Home – modern, traditional, heritage for example
  • Furniture
  • Window furnishings
  • Floor coverings
  • Accessories and wall art that you do not wish to change or that may have special meaning to you

All the above that you do not want to adjust should be considered when making your decision. What patterns you have in the above, too, should be considered. If you do not have any patterns or are simple, then you can be more confident and direct in your choice of paint. Remember though that bolder comes usually go out of fashion as quickly as they come in.

  1. Bold Colours or Splashes of Colour for Your Interior Painting Projects

Consider your surrounds and the style of your home and furniture/furnishings. Pick an area of your home that is not as busy that you wish to highlight. You may like to use our interior painting for Sydney tips and choose to do a feature wall with:

  • Paint colours
  • Patterns – whether it be paint or wallpaper
  • Wallpaper or murals
  • Other types of material – feature panels and screens, wooden panelling

A feature wall can be quite a powerful tool and a great way to make an impact. It is also a great way to move with the times and use the colours and textures that are “in” style. That way when they go out of style, they are easier and quicker to change as they are normally a smaller area. Bold colours are not as good to use in smaller rooms either unless you are doing a feature wall. If you are set on painting the whole room a bold colour, then pick a medium to a large sized room.

  1. Preparations Beforehand

Once we come to quote for you, we will discuss any imperfections with you. And anything like this we can fix at a time or depending on their severity, we can arrange for them to be patched and fixed before the day of painting. But any flaky paint, mould and the like will have to be fixed before we start with your new paintwork.

If you can remove all wall art and as much furniture as you can that is much appreciated. We do recommend removing any “special items.” We are as careful as can be but sometimes accidents do happen and not all contractors are as careful as what we are.

  1. Hire a Professional

If you choose the right interior painting contractor that is suitably qualified, insured then you are well on the way to getting the job done right the first time. Prestige Coatings has been servicing homes in Sydney for many years and is able to transform your residence whether interior, exterior or both, increasing both the value and appearance.

  • A fixed price proposal
  • 5-year written guarantee against faulty workmanship
  • On-time completion
  • High standards of workmanship
  • Genuine respect for you and your property
  • In-house carpenter to make minor repairs prior to painting
  • Commitment to leaving all areas clean and tidy at the end of each day
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