Secret Of Increasing the Life of Your Property with Strata Painting Sydney

A successful business constantly invests in itself. When it comes to real estate, there are many areas that stakeholders need to take care of. The efforts will always be to increase the market value of the property. And that can be possible by lasting a good impression. A beautiful body corporate attracts many investors—a stunning street appeal act as pleasing to the eye. A professional and well-kept building is not only about its look but also includes various maintenance, yearly exterior clean-ups, drain checks and fencing. 

How Are Strata Painting Services Different from Commercial Painting?

Although every painting job requires steadiness and precision, strata painting is just everything but at a bigger scale. It is concentrated majorly on large buildings. Strata make sure that every corner should be painted professionally. At every level, the requirements of the projects are different. 

The immense size of the project is a daunting task. Because of this reason, it demands higher planning. As the operations start, When you consider the expertise, tools, and crew required to do a stratum job, it’s evident that this is no routine undertaking. There are several requirements for any project in Sydney, compared to residential and commercial operations. Projects of strata painting in Sydney would require a team of professionals, not just a couple of people with paint and brush. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Strata Painting Company In Sydney?

  • Longevity: A professional strata painter in Sydney will always start with essential pre-painting jobs such as deep cleaning, scrapping and dirt stripping from the building. Once painted, the surface is coated with waterproof film and additional treatments. This helps protect your exterior’s paintwork from UV rays and water damage, keeping it brand-new for much longer.
  • Complete Treatment: Commercial painters frequently have to work only on particular parts of the structure. But strata painters will wipe down, paint, treat, and maintain your entire project. From top to bottom, strata painters will work at every level. They will use professional equipment while working on multi-storeys and large buildings. 
  • Money & Time: Painting a body corporate cannot be a one-time job. Here, the million-dollar question is- Which would you prefer: a one-time investment or recurring painting and upkeep fees every few years? A properly done strata painting project will last years longer than any commercial painting job. Usually, the strata painting companies have a large workforce and the latest tool of the trade. This helps them to finish the job without any delays. 
  • Resale value: a unit in a multi-story building, A new coat of paint can raise the value of your house when it’s time to sell. One of the most straightforward and affordable methods to increase the value of your property before you put it on the market is to paint.

Who Is Involved in Strata Painting in Sydney?

Legally, A body corporate, commonly referred to as an “Owners Corporation,” is an administrative entity that must be established by law within a strata scheme. You are a member of a body corporate if you own property in a strata development. Painting is one of the numerous things that a body corporate oversees. Painting a strata building is far more complex than other painting projects. People involved- Strata Manager, Body Corporate, Strata committee members and your strata painting Sydney team. 

Who Pays for Your Strata Painting Project?

Any minor touch-ups or tasks can be paid directly from the administrative body accounts. The strata capital work fund will pay for the primary paint job. Usually, the committee members prepare the budget during the annual budgeting for maintenance. In case of a budget shortage, this may include other owners. While allocating the painting budget, keep in mind the crucial costs included by the painting contractors:

  • Daily painter rate
  • Equipment costs
  • Material costs
  • Extra hours (if required)

How to Choose the Right Strata Painting Contractor?

It’s a good idea to request quotations from multiple painting contractors when looking for a painter for your strata plan. If you need help, the strata manager can recommend painters for you. Consider the following while picking a painter:

  • Positive reviews from previous jobs.
  • Highly qualified team of painters, especially on strata projects.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Make sure you select a company with all credentials, such as their registered business’s accreditations, licenses, insurance, and ABN.
  • Examine the quote and all of its components. Although you would prefer a lower estimate, it usually uses lower-quality materials and yields poor outcomes.
  • Check their job process. This should include scrubbing any necessary portions, wiping down, and adding undercoats. 
  • Keep a close eye on documented timeframes, budgets and expectations given by the strata painter in Sydney.
  • Depending on the size of the project, an ideal strata painting company in Sydney will assign an on-site job manager and office communication manager for the project.

A Strata Job May Include

  • Removal of lead and asbestos paint
  • Complete clean-up of the site before and after the paint job.
  • Graffiti removal
  • Give the paint a protective layer to protect your exterior’s paintwork from UV rays and stain damage.
  • Interior of the building, such as common hallway walls, lobby, gym, laundry space and club room. 


As mentioned above, strata painting is a complex work. It requires a lot of labour, quality paint and expertise to execute the task flawlessly. Prestige Coating checks all the boxes when it comes to Strata Painting. They have over 10 years of experience. Prestige Coating, a Dulux-certified company, uses only top-quality paint and other materials. With modern machines and advanced technology, Strata Painting is much easier with Prestige Coating. 

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