Look For These Qualities When Hiring A Commercial Painter Sydney!

Creating an award-winning service business is a challenging task. We’ve been doing that for more than ten years, and we can quickly credit a large portion of our success to the exceptional professionals we’ve brought together as members of the Prestige Coating team. Our company founder always had the vision of building a commercial painting business built on professionalism and exceptional client care, where a job well done is a source of pride rather than necessity.

All along the way, we developed a formula for selecting talent based on 12 characteristics that commercial painters should consistently demonstrate, in our opinion. These characteristics outline the personality and skills we look for in candidates for commercial painting jobs at Prestige Coating.

Working Knowledge of Commercial Painting Techniques

This is a requirement for a Prestige Coatings team member. Commercial painters use specific methods to effectively and expertly paint commercial structures on the inside and outside, and our painters are fluent in the language of painting excellence. We expect our commercial paint specialists to uphold all requirements, from using tools properly to understanding when and how an application should proceed for the best results.

Proven Painting Background

We comprehend that when hiring a commercial painter, business owners are making an investment in one of their most priceless assets. We focus our hiring efforts on finding commercial painters who have the necessary experience to meet our clients’ demands in order to guarantee that every customer receives only the most expert and professional service. This method of hiring ensures that our customers will receive top-notch painting services from top-notch painters.

Very Careful with the Details

At Prestige Coating, we place a high value on attention to detail in all of our commercial painters. We teach our team to carefully check every detail of a job after it is finished to make sure everything is flawless—and to fix it if it isn’t. We consider a missed area or uneven coverage to be unacceptable. Due to this, we conduct a final project walk with our team before conducting a final project walk with our clients.

Understanding of Painting Supplies

There is much more to commercial painting projects than just painting. Before joining the team, prospective Prestige Coating Painters should have a solid understanding of the various types of paints, primers, and other materials. Although we are strong proponents of lifelong learning for development, we also recognise the importance of a strong foundation. Furthermore, Prestige Coating instructs its staff on how to connect, read, and adhere to the manufacturer’s knowledge of the PDSs and SDSs (SDS).

Ability to Use the Right Tools

In the painting industry, specific tools are needed for each task. Knowing when and how to use the right tools for commercial painting projects ensures quicker and better implementation at every stage. An aptitude for the tools of the trade not only promotes experience, but also ensures the calibre of work one should anticipate from a qualified commercial painting company.

Hand-eye coordination

The hands of a skilled painter are their most valuable tool. Manual dexterity, or the capacity to perform deliberate movements with hand-eye coordination under particular circumstances, is necessary for professional painting. The effectiveness of the paint application and the speed of execution depend on this ability.

Outstanding Balance

On the majority of commercial painting jobs, professional painters spend a lot of time getting to difficult-to-reach places, frequently using ladders and lifts. In these circumstances, a strong sense of balance ensures security while fostering the appropriate level of confidence required to give full attention to the task at hand. Professional commercial painters who have a good sense of balance on the job protect not only themselves but also the people and surroundings.


When it comes to commercial painting projects, which heavily rely on coordination and manoeuvring, patience is a virtue. During commercial painting projects, problems frequently occur that are both expected and unanticipated, which can lead to disappointment and frustration. Therefore, we anticipate that our team of experts will approach each interaction and project, as well as any difficulties, with patience. A cool head always prevails.


We are strong proponents of controlling expectations, particularly in relation to timelines. Working around ongoing operations is a requirement for the majority of commercial painting projects, which we take very seriously. The schedule is the first step in making sure that project plans come together within the allotted timeline, and avoiding disruption requires strict adherence to careful planning.


Commercial painting projects that are professionally completed demand diligence at every stage, from planning to execution and follow-up. At Prestige Coating, we place a high value on work ethics, and we define diligence as the quality of working meticulously and diligently. We firmly believe that our team’s competitive edge comes from a healthy helping of diligence.


You’re only as good as the people you hire, according to the quote we used to start this article. Trust in our employees is at the heart of our success, and we think this is true of any successful business. In order to operate effectively as a team and as a business, trustworthiness is paramount. We need to have complete faith that everyone on our team consistently upholds our values.


All facets of commercial painting jobs require versatility, or the capacity to adapt. For instance, switching from one task to another quickly and easily promotes efficiency, which is essential for finishing commercial painting projects on schedule. Additionally, even if the final result deviates from the original plan, a versatile commercial painter will consistently offer professional advice on the colours, materials, techniques, and processes to support the best outcome.

This list of characteristics we look for in a qualified commercial painter has taken Prestige Coatings a few years of trial and error, and the outcomes speak for themselves. Our reputation has been based on our commitment to quality, which extends to both our employees’ performance and our support of the craft. We take great pride in managing a group of exceptional individuals who are adept at enhancing surroundings and getting along with others.

One of the top commercial painting companies in the nation, Prestige Coating, is committed to providing opportunities for career advancement. We value dedication and honour it with unmatched PTO benefits for employees and a positive workplace culture.

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