How Does Temperature Affects The Work Of Commercial Painter?

The quality of a paint job, especially on exterior surfaces, can be affected by changes in the weather. Hot summers, chilly winters, dry and wet days, high and low humidity, and other environmental factors impact painting projects. At Prestige Coating, we know the best and worst times to start a painting project, but we also have the equipment and expertise to produce the best results no matter the time of year. Transform your space with expert Commercial Painter Sydney – Get a free quote today!

Depending on your surroundings, interior and exterior painting is the best time of year. For instance, if many trees surround your building, hiring a painting crew in the spring would be preferable to doing so in the summer when the foliage gets in the way and makes it difficult for the painters to work.

The type of paint being used and other variables can affect the best time of year for interior painting. You shouldn’t use specialty paints during a season when you didn’t access your windows because some are oil- or solvent-based and will release a lot of fumes (super hot summer days or bitterly cold winter days and nights). Talking over all the details with your painting contractor can help you identify the best time of year to do interior or outside work.

How Do Temperature and Humidity Impact the Use of Paint?

Because of the moisture that humidity leaves on your surfaces, painting takes longer to dry. Temperature also affects how paint dries. High-calibre painters are conscious of how temperatures and humidity affect the quality and how to avoid troublesome situations.

The Impact of the Surrounding Temperature

If it’s cold enough, the paint won’t gelly dry, increasing the likelihood that it will sag, run long, or develop creases. In contrast, premium brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have developed equations for some of their colours that allow painters to complete their work in temperatures as low as 35 degrees. Most paint manufacturers advise painting in temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees.

The paint dries too quickly when it’s too hot outside, causing lumps and wrinkles. Wrinkles, bubbles, and blisters result from the paint’s binding properties not having enough time to do what they are intended to do when it dries too quickly. This is particularly true on hot days when the surfaces are directly exposed to the sun.

How Relative Humidity Affects

The degree to which paint adheres to surfaces depends on relative humidity. For example, as the relative humidity rises, more surface areas get exposed to water vapour; as a result, when the paint is placed on top of the moisture, the paint bubbles or peels.

Since paint can adhere to surfaces properly in this range, the preferred humidity range is between 40 and 70 per cent.

A wind’s impact

It’s not always due to heat, humidity, or ageing when you notice cracking or blistering paint on a surface; it could also result from colour being applied on a windy day. Colour requires 24 hours to dry and cure, but if you’re painting in the wind, the paint dries too quickly and doesn’t adhere to the surface properly. 

We at Prestige Coating know that trying to paint in winds more significant than a light breeze or eight mph is not a good idea and will only lead to problems in the future.

Why Is Interior Painting in the Winter Beneficial?

Generally speaking, summer is the ideal time to give your home the perfect paint ‘makeover’, but winters are the best season to paint your house. Australian summers, particularly in Sydney, are a significant turn-off for wall painting projects. Lower relative humidity translates to less moisture in the air and faster paint drying times.

In other words, you get a pass because winter is considered an “off-season.” Let’s look at a few reasons winter is the ideal time of year for interior painting.

More Affordable Quotes and Painting Jobs

Due to the widespread misconception about seasonal painting, the demand for interior painting services is noticeably lower in the winter than in other seasons. Painting quotes, however, can be high during the spring and summer when professional painting services are in high demand.

Therefore, winter is the ideal time to completely transform your rooms with a splash of colour and a better price. And let’s say you need professional painters for a more significant painting project. If so, the home painting crew may grant you additional time to paint another room at no extra cost!

Consistently Favourable Weather

To prevent painting mistakes, checking the local forecast before beginning your house painting project in the winter is essential. The time needed for surface preparation, painting, drying, and priming depends on the climate and air temperature. However, the temperature barely changes too much during the winter, making it easier to complete indoor painting projects without significant delays.

Although it’s preferable if the weather is sunny for the exterior painting project, direct sunlight should be strictly avoided in hotter weather. However, since direct sunlight isn’t essential for interior settings, painting in the sun is acceptable.


Last but not least, winter painting and rejuvenation give you more headspace to make a perfect summer plan. Many people choose to repaint individual or multiple rooms in their house throughout the winter to avoid taking care of the project when they can enjoy the great summertime weather. Now that you know all the benefits of winter painting, it’s a very witty strategy.

If you can manage it, getting the work out of the way is undoubtedly a plus, and given that you’re likely to be spending more time indoors in winter, you can enjoy your newly painted interior a lot more.

Unlike the popular myths, winter can offer an abundance of time to focus on things you’d probably plan or rush to finish during peak seasons like summer. Indoor painting is no exception!

To consult with any painting or paint curation-related service for your indoor spaces- get a free quote from a highly professional, accredited service – Prestige Coating now! Their team of professional painters in Sydney has offered all kinds of painting services across metropolitan areas for over ten years.

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