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Sydney’s Number 1 Residential, Commercial & Strata Painting Service. Call Now .

Sydney’s Number 1 Residential, Commercial & Strata Painting Service. Call Now .

Heritage Painting Sydney

At Prestige Coatings our outstanding and fully-qualified team have the know-how and experience to provide the highest level of superior and attentive painting services. For over 10 years we have rejuvenated and repaired homes and businesses throughout the Sydney metropolitan area with our efficient and effective painting solutions.


Thanks to our high skills, experience, and accuracy the painting specialists at Prestige Coatings can help bring new life into heritage-listed homes and properties. Heritage painting projects require a high level of care and attention to ensure that the building’s historical accuracy remains and that no damage befalls the building during painting.


By exercising the utmost care and concentration we can bring new life into beautiful and unique heritage properties. Through our use of the latest technologies we can protect these outstanding properties from sustaining environmental damage. To speak to a member of our team about our specialised heritage painting services Sydney residents can call us on 0416 850 000.

Inetrior & Exteriror

Interior & Exteriror

The paintwork of a new home is what makes it stand out. The final finish can transform an ordinary house into a spectacular residence. It’s the first thing people notice as they enter, and it sets the character for every room throughout the house.



If you’re a strata manager, committee member or invested owner then you know how important it is to be dealing with professional strata painters. Without experienced strata painters, you run the risk of a less than satisfactory result. Prestige Coatings provides complex solutions for strata painting and maintenance in Sydney.



Prestige Coatings are also known as Sydney’s commercial painting specialists. This reputation comes with over 10 years experience providing specialised commercial paint applications to some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings and developments.


One of the advantages of roof spraying is the fact that a heat-reflective roof coating can assist in reducing heat entering the house through the roof and ceiling, resulting in lower energy costs, increased human comfort levels and reduced environment impact. Thanks to a new nanotechnologies used in the products your roof will be protected and sealed for years giving you a piece of mind for a fraction of a cost of new roof.


Industrial painting projects require specialist skills to deliver a first-class result while avoiding injury or damage to persons or property. All our personnel have completed a wide range of industrial painting work, both interior and exterior. We are experienced working on all diferent surfaces, concrete, steel and other industrial surfaces.


Prestige Coatings can help restore your heritage home or building. Heritage painting projects are extremely specialised and require experienced painters as well as heritage colour consultants and architects. We always aim for the building to be protected for years using new technologies yet look as close as possible to it's orginal character.

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Sydney’s Number 1 Residential, Commercial & Strata Painting Service. Call Now .

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