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50 Shades of White – How to Choose the Right White Paint

If you’re repainting your home and want it to be a clean white colour, you’ve come to the right guide! Although there are over 200 different shades of white you can choose from, there are a few things you should keep in mind to choose the right white paint colour. Below, are a few steps in choosing the perfect white colour for your home you should keep in consideration.

Find Your Inspiration

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can inspiration online. Create an account on Pinterest to look up different photos of home interiors that display the type of colour you want with the colour flooring you have. You can also ask your painters Sydney for their suggestions. This way, you’ll know exactly what your home will look like without needing to guess if you’ll like it or not.

Find the Tone

Since there are so many different tones of white to choose from, it can be difficult to consider which one to choose for your home. For example, do you prefer warm or cool? Reds or oranges? Blues or greys? Once you find the tone of white you want to go with, you can continue finding what white you should paint your home with.

Consider Your Options

Most white paints fall into one of three categories. Use this guide to choose the best sort of white paint for your room.

Cool Whites

If the room you are painting is decorated with cool hues or has cool accent colours, you are best off choosing a white with cool undertones. Cool colours include blue, green, and purple. These whites also complement clear and saturated colours well. They offer a clean look will still providing a bit of contrast. Cool whites are also a great choice for rooms that get a lot of sunlight. This is because they offset the natural light, which is warm.

Warm Whites

On the other end of the spectrum are whites with warm undertones. Warm colours are red, orange, and yellow. These white paints offer a welcoming and cosy look to any room. Warm whites perform best in rooms with warm decor and furnishings. They also look great when combined with natural elements like wood. Warm whites help create smooth transitions from room to room and create a flow throughout the home.

Pure Whites

Pure whites are the brightest of all the white paints. They look great in all styles of homes from rustic and traditional to modern and eclectic. Pure whites have the lowest amount of undertone, making them extremely versatile. This opens for options for accent colours, furniture, and decor, making it easy to personalise your home any way you want to. For more drama in your home, pair a pure white paint with bold colours.

Consider the Light

When choosing what type of white to choose for your home, consider the natural light that enters your living spaces during the day and how much light is cast by the lighting fixtures in your home. You should do this because you don’t want to pick a white that’s too bright when accompanied by the lighting in your home or by the natural lighting that enters your home during the day.

Keep Furnishings in Consideration

Keep the furnishings in your home in consideration when choosing the proper white paint colour. However, if you don’t have furniture yet, imagine what kind of character your furniture will give the paint colour in your home and whether it will fit with the furniture you plan on getting.

Test Out the Colour

Once you’ve figured out what tone you want, pick a few different whites to try out and put to the test. This is another area where local painters can really provide a helping hand. If you can’t test on the walls in your home, grab a few pieces of foam, stick them to the wall, and paint them to compare which one you prefer. But, make sure you keep up these colours for at least a full day to see which one you prefer the most, from morning to night.

Pick the Finish

Now that you’ve decided on a colour, it’s time to choose what kind of finish you want. Talk to the professionals performing the painting services Sydney and see which finish they suggest. Here are a few examples of popular finishes you should consider:

Flat and Matte

Flat and matte finishes usually don’t shine and prevent light reflection, which is especially good for homes that have a lot of light. If you’re doing your own painting, you should consider this finish since it can help hide small imperfections, such as roller marks that might appear when the paint dries. However, keep in mind that larger imperfections may be harder to hide, even with this finish applied to your home. You should consider applying this finish to your study, guest bedroom, or other rooms in your home that don’t get a lot of wear and tear or foot traffic.


The eggshell finish is like the matte finish, but it’s more durable and offers more sheen. Although it does cause some light to reflect, it makes spot cleaning much easier for your home. You should consider applying this finish to rooms in your house that have a lot of foot traffic, such as living areas and kitchens.


Glossy is an ideal finish to use for doors and skirting boards because it’s incredibly durable and easy to clean every week.

At first glance, choosing the right white paint can be difficult. With so many options and factors to consider, you may not know where to begin. However, by using this helpful guide, you can be sure you are selecting the perfect shade of white for the local painters to use in your home.

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